Good Enough Gardening

Sometimes it’s either make an Angry Pie or it’s disappear into the garden to ponder some of life’s many imponderables, imponderables such as: is it big bin week or just recycling box week? why does Andrew Marr look such a knob on that blue scooter? and why exactly did I click on *that* newspaper article while I was on my holidays?

Physical work in the outdoors is a way of allowing my brain to work through things in it’s own time and to come up with it’s own perspectives on unbalanced infuriating articles challenging issues. It’s my version of mindfulness and I find it suits me better than stillness.

People often assume that because I was a gardener, my own garden will be a picture of National Trustedness.  It isn’t.  Here are a few pictures. And these are by far the best bits.


Gard2Gard1Gard3Gard5Gard4We went away for half term to visit relatives and to do some outdoorsy things in Snowdonia.  It was intricately planned in the way these things have to be, but was successful.  After a difficult few months it was good to feel the wind in our hair again.

2 thoughts on “Good Enough Gardening

  1. Elspeth Mackay

    Anti-cat brambles? What a good idea. But how do you stop the anti-cat brambles also becoming anti- person brambles?

    1. admin Post author

      I leave them there for ages, then pick them up with gloves. My neighbour uses holly. She has a much tidier garden than me ; )


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