TAS Awards 2016 – Acceptance Speech

It is half past five AM. That’s half past five in the morning. I’ve been awake for an hour and a half.

I lay awake for a bit willing sleep but the enormous crapness of everything poked at my stress system (which surely must give up soon) and that was it, no sleep ’til Brooklyn. So I got up, brewed tea, wondered whether to edit a tearful, ranty podcast I recorded yesterday, decided against it (too raw for broadcast), then checked twitter just in case anyone else was about at this stupid hour of the morning.

What I found was a stream of wonderful, touching, caring messages about the TAS Awards 2016 and two awards; one for ‘twitter titter’ and another for what roughly translates as ‘yeah you nailed that crap’.

I am really sorry that I wasn’t about on twitter last night, to thank everyone for voting, to thank Sarah and Vicky for their relentless facilitation of our small but vibrant community and to thank everyone for their jubilation and cake emoticons and good humour. You know the score – life is tough right now, things have slipped, I’m slipping, blahblahblah  (I’m pretty fucking bored of myself and this relentless pressure cooker of family life), so basically I wasn’t around.

Our slice of twitter has helped me cling on to sanity and hope through the darkest, shittiest times. Using black humour is one of my main coping mechanisms and I feel lucky to have connected with so many others who do the same. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve laughed out loud at what might be considered the most inappropriate of times. It’s true what they say, you either laugh or you cry.

I’m currently trying to laugh not cry over some spectacularly poor choices, which come with a vile side salad of intimidation and a fuck you sauce. It’s hard to maintain the comedy because I feel increasingly lost in it all and scared about the future. The truth becomes clearer every day, with every fresh crisis: I’ve done the best I can and now it’s over to you. Sounds easy. Hardest fucker I’ve ever experienced.

My friends, thank you thank you thank you, for all your support over these years. I’m touched that I make you laugh from time to time and that you think I nail the crap. I shall continue to try to do both. Now more tea I think before the sun comes up and another day is done battle with.

4 thoughts on “TAS Awards 2016 – Acceptance Speech

  1. Sarah

    Well done you for your award wins. Keep strong and be kind to yourself you are doing an amazing job under very difficult circumstances. I paraphrase a lovely Child Protection Social Worker I had to deal with last week. It will pass and you will survive. Sending love xx

  2. Claire

    So very well deserved, Sally. I’ve retreated into my black hole too. I hear you and am wallowing with you in the huge cesspit of post-adoption life. Thankfully it is No Matter What that has seen me through this week. Just finished and started The Unofficial Guide. Stay strong, lovely lady x

  3. June Leat

    Well deserved Sally. I was at a developmental re parenting grp last night so missed the party and my award.
    TAS is just a brill way of bringing us moany fuckers together isn’t it 🙂


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