Seven ways in which adopting children has made me a better person

1.  The road to adoption, via the cul-de-sac of infertility has been a long and difficult one.  All children are precious.  I have the privilege of really understanding how precious they are.

2.  I have been tested and stretched and challenged every day.  I am now a fit, fearless and muscular parent.

3.  I know the reality of parenting the children in the NSPCC adverts, I know what most do not.  I am in a unique position to destroy the myths forever. Like it or not, every adoptive parent is a campaigner.  I enjoy being a campaigner, it is what I was born for.

4.  I have met people I would never ever my life have come across.  I am frequently forced out of my comfort zone.  It has both toughened me up and taught me empathy.

5.  I see the enormous achievement which goes into what might look like small successes.  Average is now fantastic.

6.  My children are little bundles of surprise.  They have talents and interests which enrich my life everyday.

7.  My children and I have the shared the deepest of secrets with each other.  We know each other, really know each other.

4 thoughts on “Seven ways in which adopting children has made me a better person”

  1. Hi Sally,

    I’ve just had a look through you some of your blog posts and I want to thank you for your effort in writing this! I sure hope that your book gets published soon. I completely agree with you that the way adoption is portrayed in the media is far from the reality that most adoptive parents face. I am impressed by your courage to show us all how it really is.

    1. Hi Munki,
      Thank you so much for reading the blog and appreciating it! I have known for a long time that a book needs to be written and I have kept a diary throughout the process. It’s only now that I have found some spare energy to do something with it.

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