I was watching TV and the adverts came along. Usually I like watching KFC adverts. I sat on my bed drooling over a bonus banquet, but no this one was different, it was a piss take! Not just because it didn’t come with fries, but this time it was personal, it just got to me, but not in a tasty way, in an angry way.

They were using adopted children to broadcast their business which means they are making money out of children who’ve had a bad time and not just that, but that kid was a normal one, given a script to act as a adopted kid. I don’t think any actor can act as an adopted kid, unless they themselves are adopted!

An adoptive family, need more than some chicken wings, they need support, understanding, hugs, and love. I’m not saying an adoptive family can’t eat KFC, because I don’t think any family can perform without a KFC (personally) But you need more than a kfc in an adoptive family (even if it’s a normal one).

By Jamie 🙂

*All the opinions expressed in this blog, are those of the author, do not take any offence;)*


  1. Sarah

    Well said Jamie. I’ve not seen the advert yet but I don’t like the sound of it. I don’t think they’ve thought properly about how offensive it might be to adoptive families. Myself and Tink get really annoyed with the advert that suggests you should “adopt a snow leopard”. He says you are not adopting it if you aren’t taking it home to be a part of your family. The word they should use is sponsor.

  2. Helen Oakwater

    Splendid. No need for adoption support, just a bucket of KFC and all the issues melt away. I suggest we run a completion to rename KFC …. Kids For Commerce? Kids Functions Controlled? … I want to say Patronised, Insulted and Outraged but can’t find the words.

  3. Nicky B

    Well said. I’d have liked KFC to have done a bit of research and made it more realistic (but then no one wants to assoicate crispy chicken with trauma). Perhaps a donation to a UK adoption charity is in order. Or free KFC for all fostered/adopted kids!

    PS the snow leopard advert also annoys me for the same reasons.

  4. Stacey

    Well don’t we live in a sad world now! Anyone will find anything to moan about. This advert brought tears to my eyes, and if anything it’s made me think about adoption when I’m a little older! So what that the thought came from watching a KFC advert?! People should be happy that it’s making people consider taking a child in as your own and giving them a home! At the end of the day KFC is a business and a business needs to make money, and if they do so with portraying an adopted child having a great family and passing it down the generations etc then well done to them! This world needs to stop being so doom and gloom about things that you should smile about!

    1. admin Post author

      I wonder if, as you wrote your comment, you really thought about the person who had written the piece; their age, their experiences, their ease in expressing themselves and the way in which they see the world. And I wonder what is more important, whether Jamie somehow offended your views on adoption, or that he found the courage, as a care experienced adoptee to express himself.

  5. Mama Bear

    If I only knew that all I needed was some deep fried chicken! Question: when my child is refusing to open his mouth to speak to me, never mind to eat, do I force it down his throat or simply rub it on his body? 😉 Great post, thank for sharing!

  6. Chloe

    Can I just say that as someone who has been adopted!! I think you are taking this way to personally they are going for the bringing a family together approach not saying problems dissappear with a bucket of chicken! However I can say from EXPERIENCE that those little touches when being placed into a strangers home do help towards making you feel more welcome which when you are a kid being shoved from pillow to post in and out of care is actually a comfort so maybe a little less judgement and criticism in the world would be awesome 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      You assume that this piece was written by someone without experience. Jamie has earned his right, just as you have, to express his views on this subject and to be heard, even if you don’t agree with him.
      Personally, I was proud that he wrote this, firstly because it took a lot of courage and secondly because it demonstrates critical thinking.
      You are absolutely right that family rituals around food can offer a great amount of comfort and I thought that the advert showed that well.

  7. Kosjanka

    What an incredible young man, to be able to write about something so personal. It takes a lot of courage to express strong views around adoption, especially when it’s so close to home. For me it expresses perfectly what I disliked about this advert – adoptive families need more than a bucket of KFC.

    Thank you for making your voice heard. I hope your Mum treats you to a takeaway soon, whether it’s a MaccyD’s or KFC. 🙂

  8. BigKid255

    A very thoughtful post Jamie. I find the advert hard to take too, I think about all the struggles my two fostered boys have and all the patience I often need to help them on bad days. It is hard work sometimes for all of us and KFC trivialise that to sell chicken. Well done for speaking up about it.

  9. Dave

    Stacey and Chloe

    Well written replies, I think it is a positive thing. How many other adverts show any diversion from showing anything other than the standard nuclear family.

    It’s nice to see adoption or fostering highlighted for a change in advertising , it’s a positive step and a decent subliminal message. If by chance it gives 1 child hope by registering in the mind of a viewer who may consider fostering, the there is a benifit. It takes small steps in this world to change.

    The young author of the post has a valid personal point, but the overreacting replies will teach nothing of how to understand and be open to ideas and grow in ones own personal story.

  10. Amanda Boorman

    Well done Jamie. Your writing is amazing. You have a great talent and I LOVE that you are thinking about and questioning politics and the media at such a young age. You are super cool.

  11. Isobel

    My son, also called Jamie, likes this ad. He was adopted after four years in care. He asked me to tell you that he agrees with everything you say. However, he thinks that if the ad had showed all the struggles of an adopter, and how hard it can be for an adoptive family, he thinks it would dissuade people from adopting. Jamie thinks more people should adopt, and that the advert puts it in a good light.
    And a message from me: keep up with the writing and saying what you think. It is the most important thing In the world.

  12. Genny

    I was adopted when I was 7 – this is the first advert I’ve EVER seen that portrays an adopted child in a ‘family advert’. I think it’s wonderful , it shows people who have chosen to adopt are family even if not biological , it shows the importance of those little momments (family meals round the table together) that are important , an to someone who has been in and out of care a family sit down meal in a place I felt safe was one of the most memorable moment of my life!

  13. Victoria

    Hi Jamie

    I’m late to this, but just want to say I think you are entitled to your view and you are even more entitled to express it!

    While others are entitled to disagree – that’s what informed debating is all about, especially in the adult world – I do wish they could be a little more sensitive about the way they do it. And I also think KFC schools definitely serve free chicken to all adoptive families 🙂

    Best wishes to you and your mum – keep up the good work.

  14. Tink

    Yes they are idiots. they are putting the blooming red flag in front of the flipping bull. they should find something else to exploit for their blooming adverts and try to not eff people off!!! 🙁

  15. john bradshawl

    Great debate and discussion- but let us remember that the lack of accountability in British courts- and in particular the lack of understanding of the needs of families created by adoption is leaving children at grave risk. I have started a change.org petition to stop courts using hearsay as fact- because it is harmful to a child( an adopted child) when the social work has a duty to believe although there is a history of struggling to tell the truth. Children and their parents deserve a lot more support- and the lack of scrutiny (perverting of justice) is another form of abuse that no one deserves.I believe that police, the courts and local authorities are partners in crime in this cover up and collusion of failures- with the bodies that the public may think would bring scrutiny-(cafcass/NSPCC/regulatory bodies) not doing so. KFC could give financial support- and could add to the advert a list of organisations that can help families created by adoption.


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