Podcast: Hugh Thornbery, Adoption UK

I was in London last week for an Adoption Support meeting at the Department for Education. The Adoption Support Fund launched in England in May and has reached 2,600 families so far. There is, of course, still much to do and many imperfections to grapple with, not least lack of resource within Local Authorities to undertake assessments and a shortage of providers. Nevertheless the fund is paying for therapeutic help for children and families who would not otherwise have received it.

Our own application has been approved. We start new and direct work soon. I’ve done as much research as I can, but it still feels like a leap of faith. There is no neat evidence base for interventions effective for children and young people with complex trauma. I hope that one day there will be. I hope for lots and I think that the Adoption Support Fund is, for many reasons, a step in the right direction.

While I was in London I took the opportunity to chat with Hugh Thornbery, Chief Executive of Adoption UK about the Adoption Support Fund and engaging with government to bring about broader and deeper change. This is the fourth podcast in my experimental mini-series: another ten minute slot.

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