The Unofficial Guide to Adoptive Parenting

Sally Donovan gives us a book that is honest, real and down-to-earth. The satisfaction and the pain of parenting traumatized children is here along with many practical suggestions for therapeutic parenting. Thank you Sally for helping us to understand what it is like; for showing us that therapeutic parenting can work even though the journey is a long one and for the wisdom that says give it a go and if you don’t always follow the model that is okay too.’

Dr Kim S. Golding, clinical psychologist.

Yes, this is another book about adoptive parenting. But it’s probably not the kind of parenting you hear about in training, or read about in text books. It’s about the real stuff: the dynamic, messy and baffling parenting, which is rooted in domestic life. Sally combines knowledge of trauma and attachment that she has picked up along the way, with her lived experience and bridges the gap between the two. She offers realistic advice on how to be ‘good enough’ in the face of both day-to-day and more bewildering challenges and, most importantly, how to be a strong parent who can protect and nurture. This is another book about adoptive parenting, but it is unlike any other book you have read on adoptive parenting read it, weep, laugh and learn.

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