The Strange and Curious Guide to Trauma

It’s publication day – The Strange and Curious Guide to Trauma has been released.

The Strange and Curious Guide to Trauma is a science book for children aged 8 to 12 or older, and their significant adults. It explains how our bodies keep us safe and alive and how our early experiences shape the ways we experience the world.

Early on in the writing process, I realised that the science demanded a story to bring it alive. Stories can take some of the sting away and introduce light and humour and they pin facts into the real world we inhabit. Ordinary Jo, the protagonist, supporting actor baboon Tony and a cast of refuge collectors, carrots, and lambs tell the story of safety, threat, survival and the importance of relationships. They are the biology in action.

An ensemble of Some People, who are ‘behind with the science’ and so fall back on judgment instead, reflect some of my thinly-veiled and long held frustrations. The knowledge is trickling down, but slowly. My book is an effort to ‘trickle up’ knowledge by informing and empowering children and those who walk alongside them. And it’s a plea to combine knowledge with kindness because the two together can change lives and make the world a better place.

A massive thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered, reviewed and supported The Strange and Curious Guide to Trauma. I appreciate it greatly. Special thank you to Emmi Smid who has provided the most stunning illustrations which have added magic to the text. Hearty thank you to Steve at Jessica Kingsley Publishers for badgering me out of my post-covid lethargy and for continual encouragement.  Appreciative and respectful thanks to Dr Vivien Norris for reviewing the text for bad science (any remaining bad science is my bad science).

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