Billy Bramble and the Great Big Cook Off

‘Billy Bramble is a fantastic book. It gives you an insight into people who may struggle and how their surroundings can influence their behaviours and attitudes. Billy Bramble is a nice boy with an angry, imaginary dog. Together they battle with certain feelings. I believe everyone can learn something from this book, not least that through persisting, eventually, in spite of hardship, you can achieve.’

Coby, age 12.

Billy Bramble likes rude words, smelly farts, loud farts and freestyle sneezing but when BAD THINGS happen, his invisible angry dog Gobber barks in his ears, gives him brain mash and breaks things. One day a competition is announced at school – The Great Big Cook Off – can Billy Bramble defeat Gobber and change his epic bad luck?

An irreverent story for children aged 8-12 about a less than perfect boy, this book will inspire any child who’s ever secretly thought they might be less than perfect too.

Let knowledge and kindness become your superpower by learning all the strange and curious things about Trauma!

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