Our Good Enough Garden

Gardening professionally by day and returning home to a stormy home did not do much for my enthusiasm for our garden.  Throw in a frozen shoulder, and then another and it became overgrown, not romantically but embarrassingly overgrown.  People started to say ‘cobbler’s children’ (how rude).  I felt like I’d lost an important part of me.

Fast forward to now.  Wow, life is so SO MUCH BETTER.  Home life is calmer and less emotionally demanding and we have actual FUN together.  My shoulders work again and I’ve found a different professional path which has brought so many new opportunities and friendships.

The garden is slowly coming back to life and so am I.  I thought I’d share a few pictures.  It’s not perfect but it’s good enough and improving.

For me spring really kicks in once the aquilegias flower.  I love them.
For me spring really kicks in once the aquilegias flower. I love them.
Acid yellow Euphobia with whites and purples
My ‘greenhouse’ was decapitated during the storms and used to be twice the height. It’s housing peas, beans, kale, cosmos and salad leaves.
The first year our plum tree has had plums on it.
Raised vegetable beds around a well which I built up using stone dug out of the garden.
Massive heap of garden rubbish. I like to call it ‘slow composting’ #cantbebotheredtotakeittothedump
Geraneum phaem is good in the shade. It’s the goth of geraniums and one of my favourites.
Still life of Zinnia seedlings on windowledge with peeling wall.
Gooseberries, blackcurrants and red currants are planted in weedy and stony Fruit Corner.
Rose’s bean plant. Keep meaning to stake it.

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  1. Jacyntalbot talbot

    I totally get what you said about so called “professionals” in the NHS. We recently “sacked” the joke of a psychotherapist at CAMHS. It felt good to have some power in our hands!

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