Time for some Me Advice

I am drowning in end of termliness. My head is full, I’ve a looong list of things which can’t be put off any longer and I am struggling to complete even the easiest of them.  It’s time for some Me Advice:

  1. Get enough actions done to ensure you are not avoiding people on email, or phone, or in person. Things will not get any easier by avoiding people.
  2. For instance, pay the school bus driver, even though it’s annoying and you need to find his bank details and then get your card and put it into the annoying little calculator and …. and ….
  3. Find the Euro Post Office card and find the login details and work out how much you have left on there from last year. Then probably buy some more Euros soon. REALLY soon.
  4. Get new front tyres for your car because you were warned about this weeks ago and why did you not organise it then because it doesn’t take long to sort out and if you don’t you will have an accident and it will all be YOUR FAULT.
  5. Do something with the blackcurrants which you grew and picked and which are now rotting in the fridge.
  6. Likewise, go and give those flowers to your poorly neighbour, before they turn to compost and she starts to think you don’t care.
  7. Try not to feel guilty that you haven’t read and responded to the enormous NICE draft guidance on attachment.  Some mountains are just too arduous and pointless.
  8. Try and stay true to what’s working at home and at school. It’s working. That’s good. It’s the only evidence you need.
  9. Avoid that end of year assembly because you know it will make you feel like sobbing into your hair (again).
  10. Do stuff, read stuff, watch stuff, eat stuff which makes you feel happy. Now is not the best time to bombard yourself with the weight of world unhappiness, to get depressed about the labour party, or to feel angered about people wanting to kill foxes because it’s their right, or their tradition, or something.
  11. Adoption is mind-shatteringly complex but sometimes it needs to be simple. You and me, we’re doing the best we can. And we’re doing alright. Let’s put our fingers in our ears, eat ice-cream and enjoy the summer.280

3 thoughts on “Time for some Me Advice”

  1. Amen m’dear! I could write almost exactly the same list…
    Except my blackcurrants are redcurrants, and I can’t go to the end of term assembly because I’m off to a funeral. I’ve poured myself a Crabbie’s and I’m off to find something mindless to watch on TV.
    Enjoy the ice cream!

    1. Good to hear I’m not the only one. Not good for you, obvs, so sorry about the funeral and the rotting redcurrants.

  2. I have requested you book from the local library- but I already know that it will be my kind of book. I am so pleased and happy you have had success and good fortune- despite the huge challenges. I have created a different situation where my calls for help have been ignored- I have not been believed- and I have been sentenced to prison for something not done(albeit suspended)Of course this means that my beloved daughter has been believed.

    I have continued to campaign for courts to stop passing of fact as hearsay- change. org petition, but the cover up of the failures and child abuse is systemmatic and widespread. The judiciary, legal professionals, HMCTS, social services, NSPCC and police have all been partners in the cover up and collusion.

    You don’t need to believe me, nor do I ask for sympathy- I strive to get help for my daughter- and believe she will only re engage when she admits her fibbing and finds people who will still love her. It would be great if you would email me directly-johnbradshawleek@yahoo.co.uk I once again face committal proceedings but the courts has manipulated documents and so far not known if I can present evidence of my innocence. So bizarre isn’t it- but the cover up of the failures brings many senior people into picture.

    I have put forward some suggestions but appear to be stonewalled at every turn. But I know there are many success stories and competent professionals with adoption expertise- but not in Staffordshire and/or adoption expertise ignored in favour of hearsay.

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