Spring has sprung …

Peace has broken out chez Donovan. The crisis generators have been set to ‘normal*’. No letters home. No interactions with anyone in uniform or a gown or white crocs.

Cover me in Lindt and roll me in mini eggs – it’s amazing. Who knew what real life felt like? I’d forgotten.

It’s incredible what can be achieved when parenting** doesn’t drain the batteries.

I’ve dug out the enormous stump of a dead shrub, dug out a tree and moved it, weeded like a demon and planted some new lovelies. I’ve sat in the sun and done some work. I’ve wallowed in the publication of Billy Bramble and in the early feedback. I’ve been catching up with old friends and bingeing on House of Cards (24 episodes in two weeks – go me).

I’ve been reminded that tough times are sometimes an indication that in the dark, wet soil, things are growing.

I’m aware that in even thinking any of this, let alone committing it to black and white I risk invoking the great jinx of the optimist, but without optimism I’d be in a much rougher place.

FacebookI wish you a happy and relaxing Easter. I know the holidays can be tough for some but at the very least, spring has arrived, the clocks will change and there will be hot cross buns.

* our kind

** crisis management

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  1. Celebrating your current peace and I’m so thankful you’re wise enough to notice it and delight in it when you have it. Wish I were as wise. Best to you!

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